Articles of Organization

Articles are needed for the creation and legal recognition of any entity. Our Articles of Organization were filed and accepted in 2002 by the North Dakota Secretary of State. View our Articles of Organization.

Declaration of Trust

Sterling Multifamily Trust’s Third Amended and Restated Declaration of Trust governs our operations and covers topics, including investment guidelines, operating policies, financing restrictions, units and distributions, and the responsibilities and obligations of the Trustees. View our Declaration of Trust.

Governance Guidelines

Sterling Multifamily Trust’s Governance Guidelines provide a structure within which our Trustees can effectively pursue its mission to the benefit of investors. The Board intends its Governance Guidelines to be a flexible framework within which the Board can conduct its business, not as a set of binding legal obligations. View our Governance Guidelines.

Certificate of Partnership

A Certificate of LLLP is needed for the creation and legal recognition of the entity. Sterling Multifamily Properties, LLLP filed a Certificate of LLLP, and it was accepted by the North Dakota Secretary of State on April 15, 2003. View our Certificate of Partnership.

Limited Partnership Agreement

An Agreement of the Limited Liability Limited Partnership defines the rights of the General and Limited Partners. View our Limited Partnership Agreement.


Sterling Multifamily Trust’s Amended and Restated Bylaws provide direction regarding the Trust’s registered office, trustees, committees, officers, removal of officers, vacancies, meetings of shareholders, stock and transfer, examination of books, indemnification and amendments of bylaws. View our company Bylaws.

Code of Ethics

Our Board of Trustees approved and adopted an ethics program comprised of the following:

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which establishes guiding standards for conducting business and applies to all our Trustees, employees and agents, including our Management Company. View our Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers, which applies to our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and all of our finance employees, including those employed by our Management Company. View our Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers.

Audit and Disclosure Committee Charter

Executive Committee Charter

View the Trust’s Executive Committee Charter.

Nomination and Governance Committee Charter

Privacy Policy

View the Trust’s Privacy Policy

Whistleblower Policy

The purpose of Sterling Multifamily Trust’s whistleblower policy is to establish procedures for the submission of complaints or concerns regarding financial statement disclosures, accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters or violations of the Trust’s Code of Ethics and Business. View our Whistleblower Policy